Origami Puzzles to Delight Your Mind

Origami Meets Puzzle


Mindful Relaxation

Playing Foldology is engaging and calming at the same time. Get into the flow, immerse yourself in folding, and let go. Many people have found it to be a meditative activity.

What People Are Saying 

Challenge Yourself

Foldology is proudly designed to deliver a serious challenge. Take your time and make your way through the 100 challenges. Not a kids’ toy, but inquisitive kids love it.


Stimulating Fun

Solving these puzzles feels so good, you’ll keep reaching for the next one. Just don’t skip ahead – the puzzles gradually increase in difficulty and you’ll learn new folds along the way.

Questions? Read the F.A.Q.

How to Play

Fold the paper to put the picture back together – that’s the deceptively simple goal of each puzzle. Each of the 100 puzzles has its own quirks, and they get progressively more difficult. With Foldology you get 50+ hours of brain-stimulating, hands-on fun that’s unlike anything else.

Discover and Learn

Discover the joy of folding as you make your way through these 100 unique origami brain teasers. Each one brings an increasing challenge, a new twist, and a deeper satisfaction when you solve it.

Share and Enjoy

Foldology is a great gift for family and friends, especially if they like origami or puzzles. And you can share from your set too, just tear out a sheet and challenge your friend!

What People Are Saying

“Great little puzzles, take them anywhere!”

“These are so addicting and definitely increase in difficulty! … I was almost stumped, but it’s so satisfying to keep trying and finally solve them …”

– Angie

 “Simple-yet so much fun!”

“So many ways to fold a square piece of paper into a smaller square … It’s great, simple fun. Love it.”

– Samantha Thompson

“Unique and portable paper folding game/puzzle”

“… great for a trip (car or plane ride), a classroom, or just an evening at home. We have been doing a few each night …”

– D Lee

“Great break for puzzle lovers”

“… it feels great to play a satisfying game by myself without looking and swiping at a screen! …”

– CC


Vibrant Designs Printed on 100% Eucalyptus-Fiber Paper, and Made in the USA



This looks awesome, where can I buy it?

Foldology is sold on Amazon, we think it’s the best shopping experience for our customers.

What ages is Foldology best suited for?

We recommend it for teens and adults, but inquisitive kids 10+ will enjoy it too. Since Foldology doesn’t shy away from offering a challenge, younger kids may need some help with the later puzzles. But we think this is a really good learning experience.

Do I need to know Origami to play?

No prior experience required! The puzzles start easy and build up in difficulty, so you’ll figure it all out yourself.

How can I be sure that I will like this game?

You could try a few sample puzzles out to see if it’s to your liking. All you need is a printer and some scissors. Head over here and follow the instructions below the pictures.

Will this actually teach me Origami?

Yes and no…

  • Yes in the sense that: in the course of doing Foldology you will learn many types folds that you’d also encounter in Origami.
  • No in the sense that: ultimately the goal is very different. All Foldology puzzles end up folding into a flat square, whereas Origami is primarily about folding paper into a variety of three-dimensional shapes.

Are there step-by-step instructions/solutions?

The booklet contains instructions on how to play, but figuring out the folding is left up to you. Actually, that’s the whole challenge! 

However, we also have this page with some helpful folding tips, and video solutions if you get stuck.

What is the size and packaging of the product?

It is a small size of 5 x 5 x .35 inches, meant to be portable and travel friendly. The product is in the form of a little booklet or pad, with each sheet in the booklet being one of the puzzles. It is packaged simply in plastic shrink-wrap.

What are the Shipping and Return policies?

If buying on Amazon or eBay, please see their respective policies.

I want this game for my store/school/etc. How do I order in bulk?

Please contact us directly, and we’ll get that going.