Origami Puzzles to Delight Your Mind

Meet Foldology: 100 brain teasers for 50+ hours of folding fun.

An awesome way to challenge your mind, relax, and take a break from technology.


Foldology – The Ultimate Folding Challenge

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Foldology & Foldology 2 – Combo Pack

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 The Foldology Trilogy Bundle

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How to Play

Step 1: Look Closely

Remove a sheet from the pad, that’s your puzzle! Examine it closely to get ideas on how it might fold. The goal is to put the picture back together into a square and have it fold flat.

Step 2: Start Folding

Crease the paper and start folding. Try out your ideas and find new ones along the way. You might have to fold, unfold, and try again before you figure it out.


Step 3: Finishing Touches

You’re on the right track, it’s finally coming together!

Step 4: Enjoy

Admire your work and the intricate folding pattern you’ve just figured out. The next puzzle is waiting.

Choose Quality

Vibrant designs printed on 100% Eucalyptus-fiber paper that is thin yet durable for the best folding experience. Foldology is designed and manufactured in the USA.

Why People LOVE Foldology


Foldology is an amazing and unique gift that will delight your friends and family. Recommended for ages 10+.


Just tear out your next sheet and give it to a friend to solve. Better yet, give them that one puzzle that has you stumped.



The small size (5×5 inches) is actually pretty convenient, and you don’t need a surface to fold. Take it with you on the plane, in the car, or wherever you’re going.


You’ll be amazed by all the intricate and elegant ways a simple sheet of paper can be folded onto itself. Discover it for yourself!

Can You Solve All 100?

No origami experience required. The puzzles start easy and gradually get harder, so you will learn as you go. The ones at the end are a serious challenge, but so satisfying to solve!

Reviews from Amazon Customers

“Surprise Hit”
Verified Purchase

I was surprised by how much my children enjoyed this as one of their gifts this past Christmas. I honestly didn’t expect it to be such a hit. Thankfully the first few are rather easy to help get the hang of it while some of the later pictures can be quite challenging. Overall great value, easy to bring on trips to keep them occupied, requires brainpower, and fun for adults too.

– marc11248

“This is a great product”
Verified Purchase

I took this to our thanksgiving get together as an activity between the meal & dessert. I had no idea that is would be so popular. Our group of 10 people ranging in age from 24 to 65+ had a blast. It kept us occupied for longer than I expected and we did about half of the pages. Our champion did about 16 and the prize was the remaining pages! I highly recommend this and bought more for holiday gifts. I just saw there is another version so I am ordering that now.

– Lisa Roberts

“Fun and challenging”
Verified Purchase

I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my 14 year old daughter. We were not familiar with it before, and it turns out that she loves these! It is important that you do them in order. She did the first few easily. They are more challenging as you move through, which is great. She is challenged but able to complete them. We are still in the 30’s and are looking forward to moving through the others.

– vaquera_girl

Video Reviews from Creators


This looks awesome, where can I buy it?

Foldology is sold on Amazon, we think it’s the best shopping experience for our customers.

What ages is Foldology best suited for?

We recommend it for teens and adults, but inquisitive kids 10+ will enjoy it too. Since Foldology doesn’t shy away from offering a challenge, younger kids may need some help with the later puzzles. But we think this is a really good learning experience.

Do I need to know Origami to play?

No prior experience required! The puzzles start easy and build up in difficulty, so you’ll figure it all out yourself.

Will this actually teach me Origami?

Yes and no…

  • Yes in the sense that: in the course of doing Foldology you will learn many types folds that you’d also encounter in Origami.
  • No in the sense that: ultimately the goal is very different. All Foldology puzzles end up folding into a flat square, whereas Origami is primarily about folding paper into a variety of three-dimensional shapes.

Are there step-by-step instructions/solutions?

The booklet contains instructions on how to play, but figuring out the folding is left up to you. Actually, that’s the whole challenge! 

However, we also have this page with some helpful folding tips, and video solutions if you get stuck.

What is the size and packaging of the product?

It is a small size of 5 x 5 x .35 inches, meant to be portable and travel friendly. The product is in the form of a little booklet or pad, with each sheet in the booklet being one of the puzzles. It is packaged simply in plastic shrink-wrap.

What are the Shipping and Return policies?

If buying on Amazon or eBay, please see their respective policies.

I want this game for my store/school/etc. How do I order in bulk?

Please contact us directly, and we’ll get that going.