Origami Puzzles to Delight Your Mind

Hints and Solutions

General Hints

It’s always better to try and solve the puzzle yourself. It’s much more satisfying and you’ll be better equipped to tackle the next puzzle.

Hint: Creases can be made between grid lines (the only rule for creases is that they be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal in orientation). Although for most puzzles all the creases are made directly on the grid lines, this is not a requirement, and you’ll need to remember this for a few of the puzzles.

Hint: A good approach to figuring out a new puzzle is to first get some initial creases. When you look at a fresh puzzle, it is split into some pieces which have a part of a picture (which become the front side), some pieces which are solid colored (which become the back side), and the rest is gray.

  • If you see a solid-colored piece touching a picture-having piece, there MUST be a crease there.
  • Many (but not all) edges of the solid-colored and picture-having pieces will be a crease in the finished puzzle.
  • You can start by creasing the edges of these pieces.
  • Let those creases extend into the gray, or all the way across the puzzle sheet.

Once you create those initial creases, you may find that the puzzle will naturally start to come together as you fiddle with it!

Solutions for All Puzzles

All of the puzzles now have solution videos available on YouTube, you can use the links below: