Foldology Origami Puzzles – Fun Brain Teasers for Teens & Adults. 100 Challenges

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  • ✓ BRAIN-TWISTING ORIGAMI PUZZLES – 100 puzzles, 5 difficulty levels, 50+ hours of fun; Highest Quality, beautiful designs, and made in the USA for frustration-free, satisfying play; Makes a Great Gift
  • ✓ SMALL & TRAVEL-FRIENDLY – Convenient portable size (4×4 inches) that fits into any bag; No surface required to fold; Take it on your commute or your next trip for some quality puzzling time
  • ✓ FOR AGES 10 & UP – Adults, teenagers, and pre-teens will love this single-player, hands-on game; No previous origami/puzzle experience required; Share them and challenge your friends!
  • ✓ COGNITIVE BRAIN-TRAINING GAME – Deeply trains visual-spatial ability, with ancillary benefits to critical-thinking and logical reasoning skills; Kids will get engrossed in this educational game
  • ✓ EASY TO START, BUT CHALLENGING TO MASTER – Increasing difficulty presents new, exciting challenges; Builds up to incredibly complex puzzles that will amaze with their elegance; Final level will pose a great challenge & not everyone will know the satisfaction of solving all of them!

Foldology is an awesome and challenging set of paper-folding puzzles, inspired by origami folding techniques. You’ll be getting fully immersed as your mind and your hands work in harmony to figure out the folds. Foldology is printed with vibrant colors on durable paper, made in the USA, and designed with puzzle lovers in mind. Recommended for ages 10+, this is a serious puzzle game that’s seriously entertaining and satisfying to solve.

It’s easy to start, anyone can jump in with no prior origami folding experience. Then, you’ll want to do the puzzles in order and not skip ahead. Foldology has an awesome difficulty progression that keeps pace with your folding skills, giving you a consistent challenge as you get better and smarter at folding. As you work through the puzzles in the booklet, you will learn new ways to fold and encounter more sophisticated challenges. All the while, you’re engaging your mind and sharpening your spatial-reasoning skills with each challenge.

How to play:

  1. Start by removing a sheet of paper from the booklet – that’s your puzzle
  2. Look closely and examine the design on the paper to generate ideas
  3. Try to fold it to get the picture back together into a square on one side (the solid-colored pieces go on the opposite side)
  4. You might have to fold, unfold, and try again before you figure it out
  5. Admire the completed picture and rip off the next sheet

Happy Folding!

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